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Based on current European legislation, the use of cookies within a website is subject to precise regulation. This document was born from the need to comply with the regulation of the cookie policy.

What is a cookie

A cookie is a text string that the visited site sends to the user (generally to the browser) for various purposes. According to the directives of the privacy guarantor, cookies can be divided into technical and profiling.

The first category includes cookies sent by the site itself for purposes strictly related to navigation. These may be navigation or session cookies, which guarantee normal navigation and use of the site, or analytics cookies, which are used to collect aggregate information on the number of users or how they visit the website, or functionality cookies, used to improve the view of the site based on certain criteria (for example the language). For this type of cookie, prior consent from the user for their installation is not required nor is communication required to the privacy guarantor, but it is necessary to formulate this information.

The second category includes cookies used to profile the user in order to provide targeted advertising based on their browsing habits.

Who sends cookies

Cookies can be sent by the site itself or by third-party services on which the site relies. The site manager is responsible for cookies sent directly, while for those sent by third parties, their origin and the reference link must be indicated in relation to the policy.

Third-party sites also include Google Analytics cookies, which are used to collect non-personalized data on site navigation, and are included among technical cookies. 

What cookies does this site use?

This site uses technical session cookies and third-party cookies from Google Analytics. Session cookies are used to keep track of the choices made by the user during the visit made. Analytics cookies are sent by Google Analytics. They are used to obtain numerical statistics on the pages visited, the number of total visitors, the network from which the users come, etc.

We also use cookies generated by the GPDR Cookie Consent plugin for user consent, and Google Re-Captcha, that helps protect the contact form from spam. No personal data is transmitted through these cookies.

For a better and more complete discussion of the policy relating to these cookies, refer to the following link:

All cookies used on this site do not send any personal data to the manager of the site.

Can I disable cookies?

By default cookies are enabled in every browser. This is because not using them limits the user experience and sometimes prevents you from being able to access some sites. It is however possible to disable the use of cookies by acting on the advanced settings of the browser.

You can click on the following links for detailed instructions on removing and controlling cookies (the links take you to sites external to this site).

It is also possible to disable Google Analytics cookies in the browser you use. To achieve this you need to download and install an add-on for the browser used (if you use multiple browsers the installation must be carried out on all of them). This component can be downloaded directly from Google servers at this address: 

For any clarification questions, please contact the site administrator.